Bronze, Silver and Gold

If you wish to compete in horseback riding there are different levels of competition.

Bronze Level

The Bronze level is mainly a local level of showing where riders and horses can get their feet wet.

The bronze level uses local judges and course designers to help keep the costs down and you mainly compete against local riders who either are new to the sport or have a horse that is new.

Currently the Ottawa area has 21 bronze level shows, which offer hunter, jumper and equitation classes. There is a year end awards banquet for bronze level showing usually held in April.

Max height of jumps at a Bronze show are 1’9-3’0.

Silver Level

The Silver level or commonly referred to as the Trillium Circuit is a provincial level circuit whereby there is a championship show in Toronto every year around the beginning of Sept.

There are 7 zones in Ontario competing for spots at the provincial championships and there is also a year end awards banquet for our particular zone (Eastern) , usually held in Oct.

The Trillium Circuit currently has 11 shows in the Eastern Zone and you must attend 6 of them to qualify for year ends or for the provincial championships.

Silver level shows only go for 2 days and riders ship in and out to help keep costs down. Competitors travel from a bit further away to compete on this circuit but are still within a 2 hour drive.

Max height of jumps at a Silver Show are 1’9- 3’6.

Gold Level

Gold Level Shows are a national level circuit whereby riders compete for a spot at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto in November.

At the Gold level you can still have a short stirrup or Novice Level Rider but it has a much higher top end rider. This is where you will see Grand Prix Riders competing for much more prize money.

You will also see higher level equitation classes which also qualify for the Royal and where most of your up and coming professional riders hone their skills.

Currently there is only one gold level show in Ottawa, however riders can travel to Quebec or Ontario for more shows. Gold level shows usually go for 4-5 days in length so stabling is required.

Max height of jumps at a Gold level show are 1’9 – 5’3.