Boarding 2018

Boarding Rates – Per Month

Large Box Stall $883 Plus hst: $997.79
Small Box Stall $790 Plus hst: $892.70

NB: Lessons are not included in the board. It is expected you will add any or all of the following packages of four lessons in a month.

IMPORTANT: There is not a board only rate, all board must include 2 sets of groups, or 2 training rides, whether you take them or not.

Lessons (on your own horse)

Group Lessons:
$195 Plus hst: $220.35 for 4
($50 individually plus tax)

$240 Plus hst: $271.20 for 4

Privates (½ hr): $75 each plus hst: $339 for 4
(84.75 with tax)

Training Ride: $50 each plus hst
$195 per month plus hst: $220.35 for 4

Lesson Package (3 groups, or 2 groups and 1 training ride): $528 (596.64 with tax) per month

All lessons in package must be taken in the month they are booked.

Package Rates for Boarders of Lessees

Package 1:
3 Group Lessons per week or 2 group lessons plus a training ride
New Rate $439+HST= $496.07

Package 2
3 Group Lessons plus 1 training ride
New Rate $555+HST= $627.15

Please Note: if you are on either of these packages your lessons do not carry over to the following month…they must be taken in the month they are booked.


Barn Hours
Monday – Friday – Lights out 10:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday – Lights out 7:00 PM

Last person in the barn shuts off all the lights: inside and outside, please.
Clean up: Please sweep up BEFORE you ride

* Please finish riding 1/2 hour before closing time in order to allow for cool-out and clean-up.*