Joe and Pam Nuth started Fiddler’s Green Stables mainly because they couldn’t find a place at the time that would take their 6 year old daughter, who desperately wanted to ride.

Joe has a history with horses as the neighbor when he was young was a vet and he used to accompany him when he could. He also remembers seeing horses regularly as milk in that day was delivered by horse and buggy and they used to use the frozen manure for hockey pucks in winter.

Since its early beginnings Pam has had a long standing association with the Canadian Pony Club and has gone overseas to help coach and mentor some Pony Club Games teams. Joe has always had a passion for driving and has done some competing with his pair of driving ponies.

Joe and Pam, both retired high school teachers, still remain active in the business as their love for horses and passion for developing young horses and riders drives them to this day.