Leasing vs Buying

After riding school horses for a period of time many riders want their “own” animal to ride. Advantages of this are that you are not riding an animal which has become dull in its responses but rather one that is more fine tuned to lighter aids and therefore has quicker response time. This can bring a rider along much faster in their development.


Many rider’s start with leasing or half leasing as this allows them to spend less money on the initial outlay and spend more on their showing. It also allows our younger riders who grow quickly to switch animals every one or two seasons without worrying about having to sell their animal.

Leasing also can allow you to ride a more expensive horse/pony at a fraction of the cost.

Leasing doesn’t diminish the monthly costs which are the same whether you own or lease.

Half leasing is something which many do to save money and also because they only have time to ride 3 days per week so sharing tends to work. This allows you to ride an upgraded horse but at only half the cost.


The advantage to buying an animal is if you know you are going to need the same horse for 2 or more years then the monetary advantage of not paying out a lease fee every year is attractive.

Some horses are only available to buy so you have a bigger pool of animals to choose from. Hopefully your horse retains its value and you can get all your money out of it at the end and therefore you don’t lose out any of your initial investment.

If you do wish to buy or lease an animal it is well worth your while to seek a professional opinion so you don’t end up with a horse/or pony which cant do the job you need it to do.